How To Remove Burrs From Clothing

How To Remove Burrs From Clothing

Burrs and stickers can ruin a fun day walking in the woods or meadows on a spring or summer day.

Burrs are a nuisance once they get embedded in your clothing, while you’re walking in a field or near a thicket. In fact, the best anyone can say about burrs is that they inspired a man, named George de Mestral from Switzerland to invent Velcro after he had made it home from such a walk and his clothing was covered with them.

Instead, of complaining, he thought of a way to use the idea of the hooks that make a burr so hard to remove, and from that, the multi-million dollar Velcro industry was born. Today’s military would be lost without Velcro fasteners, and many sport clothing manufacturers would be out of business as well.

Remove Burrs From ClothesHowever, that is water under the bridge. Today, we are more interested in how to remove burrs from our pet’s fur, our clothing, and of course our hair as well.

Well, that’s what we are going to talk about, and we have come up with some interesting ways to deal with the problem that perhaps you may not have thought of yet and when you are done with this article, you can choose the one that makes the most sense to you.

Burrs need not be a natural calamity like a tornado, hurricane, and earthquake. But, it ranks up there with some of the most irritating things that can happen to a person.

How To Remove Burrs From Clothing

The First Way Is Done By Hand And The Use Of A Plastic Comb And Some Duct Tape

How To Remove BurrsThis method is not as time-consuming as trying to pick them out by using your fingers to pick them out.

You need to lay the piece of clothing out on a flat surface like an ironing board or table. You then take a plastic comb/metal and use the comb to flick the burrs up and away from the garment.

This will account for most of the burrs and stickers. However, to get the rest, you need to rely on one of the best friends that any Navy service person depends on. Submariners call it EB Green or Silver. You know it as “Duct Tape.”

Wrap some around your hand with the sticky side facing outward. Then carefully in an up and down motion like you were blotting up a spill, you cover the piece of clothing you are attempting to deburr.

Finally, turn the garment inside out and repeat the process to pull through any deeply embedded burrs or stickers, as it is easier to pull them through rather than pull them backward.

Here is another similar method that you may want to try.

These are the ways most people deal with their burr of sticker problems. However, if none of the above methods appeals to you, you can try the high-tech approach, and this approach takes a lot less work than the ones we have just shown you.

The Burr Paw

Here is a tool designed especially for getting rid of burrs of all sizes. You put it on like a mitten and with one swipe of this oversized mitt, you can remove burrs, stickers, and most any other clinging seed. It fits either hand. So, Southpaws can use the Burr Paw equally as well.

Here is the site with a video that shows you how to remove a variety of burrs not only from clothing but also from hair, and the fur of a pet as well.


You have another option as well. This product looks like something you’d pick up in Hawaii near Mount Pele and does indeed resembles something that spumes from the depths of a live volcano.

However, it is made from recycled materials that burrs and stickers adhere to it like glue, and with a little rub down your clothing is almost as good as new. But, be cautioned it will put a bit of wear on the garment in question so don’t overdo it. However, a little wear is better than throwing your clothing away as your other alternative. Here is a video of BurzOff/FurzOff in action.

Finally, You Have Two Last Options

  • The first is just going out and buy replacement clothing. This, of course, is the simple solution if you have the cash to burn.
  • The other way is to avoid the problem entirely. When you go in places where burrs are known to be, wear clothing that burrs don’t adhere to. This solves the entire problem, and you do not have to do anything overt to protect yourself from burrs and stickers.

Burrs need not become an annoyance or a nuisance. You have enough solutions, each only takes a few minutes of your time to do any of them, and they are straightforward and easy to do along with being relatively inexpensive to that of replacing your wardrobe after an outdoor holiday.

So, you see there are a plethora of ways to get around the entire issue, or you can try any one of the techniques we have talked about and decide which of them is best for you.