How To Remove Sap From Hair: Be It People Or Beast

How To Remove Sap From Hair

Walking in the woods, park, and even your backyard can be a sticky proposition for you, your dog, cat, and even your horse!

Everybody likes to go up the woods and spend some time. There’s nothing like the sun beaming down upon you the fresh air and of course the beautiful greenery of the trees.

The scent of pine is in the air and you cannot help but enjoy the feeling of being out in the great outdoors. However, when you get home you sometimes get a surprise you hadn’t anticipated. You run your fingers through your hair and you discover a sticky substance that almost defies removal short of shaving your head ball. You are now a victim of tree sap.

The primary culprits are of course the Pine and Maple trees that you were admiring so much while you were walking through the woods.

Not to fear, however, tree sap is probably one of the easiest things to remove from your hair if you know the secrets. That’s what we’re about to learn today, that only for you but for your dog, cat, and horse of course if you have one.

Because all four of you are more than likely if you are outdoors in the woods mountains and even your backyard depending on what kind of trees you have tree sap can strike any time for any place even in the center of the city in a park.

Today, we’re going to look at various ways you can remove tree sets without having to look like Yul Brenner auditioning for the “King and me.” So, with no more adieus let’s get right to it.

How To Remove Sap From Hair

How To Remove Tree Sap From People Hair

It really doesn’t matter how the tree sap got there in the first place. In fact, most people are not even aware that it is in their hair until they run a comb through their hair and they suddenly discovered that the comb is frozen in place.

There are four simple methods you can use besides cutting off all your hair to remove the tree sap.

Method 1

The first involves Peanut butter – The oilier the better, as this natural oil begins to break down the sap and after a few minutes to a half-hour you can go into the bathroom and shampoo your hair normally to remove the Sap residue as well as the peanut butter.

It may sound somewhat silly and you look ridiculous but it’s only for a short period of time.

Method 2

Another all-time favorite that works equally well involves EVOO or Vegetable Oil.

Again the oil is the key ingredient that gets the sap to release its hold on your hair. After a short wait again you merely have to go shampoo your head.

Not only will your hair be free of sap it will be actually healthier as the olive oil or vegetable oil actually has emollients and nutrients in it, that actually feed your scalp as well as the hair follicles.

So in this instance, you get a double win not only by getting rid of the sap, your hair takes on a new body, and looks Shiner and becomes more healthy in the process.

Method 3

If you don’t happen to have any vegetable oil or Extra-Virgin Olive Oil you can walk over to your refrigerator or your pantry and get yourself a jar of Hellmann’s mayonnaise or whichever brand you have on hand.

Mayo again, has the oil necessary to break down the tree sap and cleans your scalp as well. You then should go into the shower and rinse your hair thoroughly afterward.

Method 4

Our final solution takes is across the kitchen to the kitchen sink and in the cabinet above it or stored below it, you’ll find your dish soap, our favorite is Dawn and warm water to wash the sap all away.

For this one, you can start out in the shower and by the time you are done shampooing your hair with the dish soap your hair will be free of tree sap and your hair and scalp will be clean and you will have a pleasant lemony smell after you dry your hair.

Tree Sap And Dog’s Hair

When Rover comes in after a romp in the backyard or the forest preserve he often leaves sticky marks wherever he walks. This is a fact of nature that nature is full of trees and some of them liberally let their sap fall where it may.

With a dog, however, using the methods we mentioned earlier might not be easy to apply depending on where the sap is located in that case, we recommend that you get a spray bottle and put in baby oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil and spray your dog’s paws. Do not use any petroleum-based products, as they may be hazardous to your pet’s health

Then gently with a soft cloth work the sap from between the toes and the hair around the paws along with other areas where the sap may be situated.

Tree Sap And Cat’s Hair

Cats have claws (and will use them) and unlike a dog won’t sit still.

Cats have claws and unlike a dog will not sit still for any shenanigans using peanut butter or olive oil to remove tree sap from their hair. In this case, a trip to your local pet groomer may be in order. This saves wear and tear on you and your clothing from an irate cat.

Pet groomers have specially formulated creams and emollients that can break down the tree sap in a jiffy. If you want to take the risk of life and limb yourself you can purchase such a product and DIY it yourself. However, if you have ever given a cat a bath you understand the risks that you’re running.

Tree Sap And Horse’s Hair

Horse grooming with olive oil, peanut butter, and mayonnaise are acceptable DIY sap removers. However, you might also find that hand sanitizers or wipes can make do in a pitch as well. With the peanut butter method coat the areas where the sap is located and let it sit for 12 to 24 hours and then wash with warm water and comb out the hair in these places. Isopropyl alcohol is not recommended as it can dry out and irritates a horse’s delicate skin.

Final Words

You now know the secrets of removing tree sap from hair. In most cases, it is a painless process. Unless you try to do it with a cat and in that event the pain is inflicted on you if you DIY. The materials that do the work are things you have inside your kitchen and everything can be done within a couple of hours. Horses take a little longer. So, you no longer have to worry about getting a buzz cut or looks like a Buddhist monk or a Star Ship Captain. You can get your hair intact and it even will be healthier afterward.