The Secrets On How To Keep Mice Out Of A Camper

How To Keep Mice Out Of A Camper

Mice can destroy camper that costs you thousands of dollars and you may not be aware until it is too late.

These tiny little rodents do billions of dollars in damage every year. Just ask the Australians as they lose that much and more to mouse infestations that once threatened to overrun the country. On a smaller scale, they can chew up the wiring and leave droppings everywhere and in the southwest that can be fatal with the Hantavirus.

Today we are going to look at how to protect your camper from infestations of these furry pests by using a three-fold method called S.T.O.P. (Seal.Terminate.Odors that repel.Pests)

If you follow, our plan you can keep your camper virtually mouse-free and you can then use your camper for what it was made for and not a habitat for small furry rodents.

The Secrets On How To Keep Mice Out Of A Camper

Things That Don’t Work

Ultrasonics Don’t Phase Them In The Slightest

Keep Mice Out Of Your CamperMice ignore the high-tech solutions that are advertised on Amazon.

However, there are some who claim these devices work. One, in particular, the DX610 Electronic Pest Repeller is said to be effective. For the most part, they are a dismal failure.

Pest Control Services Can Work But They Are Expensive

You can bring in the big guns, fumigate, and have a pro remove the wee beasties. But, it is an ongoing effort and can run you hundreds of dollars each year for repeated visits by people dressed in Biohazard body protection seen in the Zombie movies. Who leaves behind a chemical residue that may be more harmful to you and your family than the mice in the end.

So, if modern technology doesn’t seem to be the answer. What does work? Well, the best solution is to make your camper mouse-proof so they cannot get inside in the first place.

We Now, Know How The Little Critters Get In

  • Any opening is like a come-on in sign to a mouse.
  • Mice can get in via a hole the size of a dime.

You may not be aware of this but a mouse can compress their bodies down and get inside a structure through holes you wouldn’t think possible.

Where They Can’t Find A Hole, They’ll Make One

So, it’s up to you to block all entrances to your camper, and to do that you have to think like a mouse. Go over you camper from top to bottom and list all hoses, cables, and other weak points in the shell of your camper. Grills, vent, and anything else that might allow a tiny chink in the exterior.

The Firewall Of Your Camper Is The Perfect Home To Mice

Pay particular attention to the engine compartment. The firewall is an area where mice have a field day as the protective barrier against engine heat, says nesting material and a place to set up housekeeping for momma mouse. Also so are the many wire, cables, and hoses, which go everywhere in your camper in this area as well.

So, by now, you have located the various places where a mouse can find their way inside your camper. Next, we have to plug the holes in your camper’s defenses to make it mouse-proof.

Prevention Is The Best Way To Stop Them

  • If they can’t get in they can’t tear up your camper

Expanding Foam Spray Is Your Best Friend

GREAT STUFF PRO Gaps and CracksThis product is a camper owner’s salvation and a mouse’s worst nightmare. By spraying this sealant in the various nooks and crannies, you seal off the tiny places where a mouse can find their way inside to your camper. The material has a taste that the little devils don’t care for and they wouldn’t be tempted to gnaw through.

Seal Electrical And Cable Runs

Make sure you cover the junction areas where your cable runs enter the main parts of your Camper. Pay particular attention to any vents, close them off, and seal around them.

Make Your Engine Compartment A Fortress

Turn your engine compartment into an unpleasant place for rodents and make sure all access points are sealed off to the outside. Frames are hollow and provide tiny corridors that mice can run through. Look at your camper’s AC and your tailpipe as well. If it lets a mouse get inside anywhere, they will find a way to get into the insulation and from there into the interior of your camper next.

Once you have sealed your camper to tiny invaders, it is time to set up a perimeter around and inside your camper that smells bad to our furry pest.

Make Your Camper Unattractive To Rodents

  • The scent is the key

So, anything that mice don’t like is your friend.

You want to make your camper smell awful to a mouse and that says this is a bad place to move into and go elsewhere.

Do Use Ropol Around The Perimeter And Under Your Camper

This is a product made from the urine of predators. These animals mark their territory by spraying the edge of their domain and mice, of course, are on the low end of the food chain and do their best to avoid becoming a meal themselves. You spray around the camper and under it as well.

You, however, don’t want to use this scent inside your camper as it will also repel the people who will ride and sleep inside your camper as well. We have other solutions that seem to work just as well as Ropol.

Mothballs, pine-scented air fresheners, and the tissues you toss into your dryer for your laundry. While they smell nice to you are obnoxious to a mouse. If it offends their tiny noses, they stay away.

Fresh Cab Inside Will Do An Even Better Job

Here is a product that does for the inside of your camper that Ropol does for the outside and you wouldn’t be grossed out by its scent. However, to a mouse, it says to stay away and the men who drive grain haulers cross-country swear by it.

The scent, next to sealing is your best defense against a mouse incursion. Your final defense is to trap and kill the mice who do find their way in. However, you need to be proactive and check on the traps in and around your camper. Dead mice will decay and spread disease if they are not disposed of.

The Final Resort

However, don’t go high-tech with chemicals and fancy traps. The old-fashioned spring-loaded trap with a dab of peanut butter or a cheese-it work as well as those high priced baits and lures. In China, they use a simple bamboo figure 4 trap that snaps down on a mouse or rat’s neck and the inventor is living the life of luxury now for coming up with such a simple device. Traps are your last line of defense of course and if you have done the other things, we have suggested you will not have to resort to killing. By making your camper unattractive in the first place and sealing your camper, you prevent mice from setting up house inside.

Last Words

You can now store your camper and have it ready to go out in the spring for fun and frolic where ever the mood takes you and in the fall. S.T.O.P. your camper for the winter months when mice are looking for winter lodgings, be proactive, and alert in your camper protection and it will stay in pristine condition and it’ll provide you with fun recreation for years to come and mice will have to find themselves another home.