How To Make A Fishing Spear

Make A Fishing Spear

If you want to stay alive in the wild or save the high cost of a fish dinner, then you need a fishing spear.

You go to a restaurant for lunch, and you see this on your neighbor’s plate.

You look at the menu, and you have to take a deep gulp of your water as the price is shall we say, “Outside of Your League.”

How To Make A Fishing Spear

Of course after having your Chicken cutlet fries, gravy, and a coke. You decide to do things yourself and get that fish dinner without paying the high prices that many restaurants are asking today.

So, you stop by your favorite grocery store and go to the fish area, and you see them all fat, large, and swimming about in glass tanks. But, here again, you see some price tags that make even Trump hesitate.

In desperation, you head over to the frozen food aisle looking for some sanity with today’s fish prices.

But again, prices are out of line. True, they are lower than what you have seen so far but still not at a price where you can have a fabulous feast like the one you are imagining or what was seen in the restaurant.

Is There An Answer You Ask?

Perhaps, you should catch your own and cut out the intermediaries entirely

However, again you shake your head, as you know you have to fork out a ton of cash to buy a rod, reel, and all the tackle that goes along with it. A fishing boat is definitely out of the equation, as your wife would never go for it. No matter how many fish you bring home.

You are now at your wit’s end, and you go home and plop down on the couch, and you click through the channels and stop on one of those old movies you loved as a kid. You watch it through, and you see how one man survived by using nothing more than his brain, a bit of ingenuity, and some old fashioned sweat.

And you see a glimmer at the end of the tunnel. An idea pops into your head. “A Fishing Spear you blurt out!” Your wife and kid look at you strangely, and you just smile as you make your plans.

Man Is A Hunter At Heart

Human beings have been fishing with a spear since the dawn of time using little more than a fire-hardened point on a sapling trunk or bamboo pole. Today there are many who feed their families using this same methodology even though they use the Internet and may drive a car.

It’s called self-reliance. Every weekend members of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) doff their mundane 21st-century clothes, go out in the woods and open meadows, and set up camps with hundreds of thousands of like-minded folk. They dress in clothing that goes back for hundreds of years to Medieval and the Renaissance periods and others dress in the costumes of the mountain men, the frontiersman who tamed America, both settlers, and the Native Americans.

All of them have one thing in common, and that’s they cook and do everything like they did in the time periods they are reenacting.

Speared fish are often used to bring fish back to camp for dinner. Preppers and Survivalists are out in force as well doing the same.

So, your idea wasn’t that far-fetched, and you are in with a good company. So, let’s get you the one tool you need to bring home dinner.

It’s all very simple as the information is available and you only have to keep on reading to get the info you need:

  • The first thing you need to do is get the basics down. One, to fish with a spear it is not out of a Rambo movie where you tie your knife onto the end of a tree limb. If you are in a survival situation and you do have a knife you do not want to be endangering the one tool that will keep you alive. Instead, you will use the knife to help you create one or many fishing spears that you will be using in the future.
  • Next, forget the idea of a single point or spearhead. Fish are slippery, and a single point might slide along the scales and not penetrate.
  • So, you’ll be using multiple tips and if you want to be on the safe side and a thorn thicket can be found you will also line your spear with teeth to grasp and hold a fish like this one.
  • You see that it is like the jaws of a Gar that point at a backward cant to prevent a fish from escaping.
  • Your next variation of fishing spear looks like this.

Here Is A Fishing Spear You Can Make With Your Pocketknife

A little more permanent version is this one, which you can use long term, as it is sturdy and can handle, repeated use.

Finally, this is perhaps the best of the lot, but it takes a little more work to get it right.

This would be the spear of destiny that you would wish to leave to your child as an heirloom along with the stories of the big fish and the mighty deeds you performed in hunting them.

You can improve on all of the spears we’ve talked about by fire hardening their tips to strengthen them. You can see, they are inexpensive and their only cost is in a bit of your time.

Final Thoughts

Now, you have your fishing spear. You are now on your way to bring home those fish dinners that you so richly deserve and avoid the ridiculous prices being asked for them.

The final step is now how to learn how to use your spear to succeed in hunting and spearing your fish.

Alas, however, we are at the end of our time together. We, in another article, will show you how to wield your fish spear like an expert and you will soon be the person who puts fish on your dinner menu on your terms and not some middle-person who wants to gouge as much profit out of you as they can.

You have also have stepped into a bigger world than you’ve ever experienced before and have taken steps to be more self-reliant and independent.