11 Best Folding Shovel Reviews in 2024

Best Folding Shovels

A folding shovel for camping is one of the tools that people of all ages use. This is the age supplement used, for example, to camp at home. But have you ever thought of a small shovel that can be moved anywhere? A folding shovel is a good solution for situations where this tool is required but is generally not available. The best folding shovels in each set should be for anyone who wants to get out in the wild.

Anyone who likes folding shovels for camping will find a folding shovel particularly useful for hitting tent poles. Most soldiers have this tool, which is called the survival tool. In this article, I present the 11 best folding shovels on the market.

1. EST Gear Survival Shovel – Best Tactical Shovel

EST Gear Survival ShovelLooking for a strong, multi-functional tactical shovel? If you are, the EST Gear Survival Shovel is the tool for you.

The EST Shovel is the military shovel for you if you need a multi-tool that’s great for emergency and survival purposes. This tactical shovel is built to outperform and its versatility is unmatched. These survival tools can really get the job done.

Packing 18 tools in one, it has a hardened steelhead that’s durable enough to chop wood and raw materials. Its military-grade aluminum handle makes it a breeze to work with. This folding shovel includes a packable ripstop nylon pouch. Easy to disassemble, the EST Shovel can fit anywhere from your bug-out bag to your truck. It’s one of the toughest entrenching tools out there.

  • Very versatile.
  • Designed in America.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Durable.
  • Compact-size.
  • Weight, we’d still consider this is a lightweight tool, as it’s only 3 lbs. However, there are fewer well-made options that weigh a bit less.

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2. Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade

Gerber E-Tool Folding ShovelThis is one of the best camping shovels you can get It fits most camping/hiking gear and will not complain. The name Gerber says it all and guarantees that you have a product that does the job and stands up to the terrain.

With this foldable shovel, you have the latest hiking, camping, and survival gear. You can find out about the basic needs of your camp, such as the shelter and pigsty like Wau Hawaii.

  • If you work at USMC, now drill all your skirmisher holes with this tanner. However, it will also perform light storage and toilet tasks.
  • Small and light, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t suitable for heavy drilling. It is a small camping shovel that allows you to keep your campsite free and square.
  • If you must remove the brush. you must prepare a campfire. This is the tool you choose. It comes with the length of your arm from your elbow to the tip of your finger and does the homework you want to do.
  • The tanner of the Achilles heel is the joint. Although it can only handle 750 cases of strokes, it must reach 900+ for the original. The tanner first needs a new nail before he can turn it on again. It is strong enough to be used as peat in hard soil. The sand and loose soil are fine. However, don’t expect to move the Rock of Gibraltar. However, you can dig a trench.

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3. US GI Military Original Issue E-Tool Entrenching Shovel

US GI Military E-Tool Entrenching ShovelIf you want to get a survival shovel you need to opt for the one that Uncle Sam has displayed for years because it gives you the most out of the folding shovel. It is a triple coil. and unlike the current version of NATO, it does not use a coil tightening mechanism, which becomes dirty and unusable in the field. There is no cheap alternative here.

There is not much to say about the original installer. Three pounds. 26 inches long and foldable to fit a mall bag or many other bags made for you over the years. It opens at any time and can be locked with screws. Unlike the tanner, it does not get dirty when the sand and mud are close.

  • You can dig a ditch, put a water line in your crawlspace, and dig a ditch around your daughter’s sandcastle on the beach.
  • I used my own mine on the beach, and it easily passed through sand, ancient coral reefs, and seashells. Rinse and use the oil and it’s ready for everything by the end of next week.
  • It is heavier than the other models and only means that the pregnancy can be better managed.
  • The origin is strong but heavy, and this is one of the reasons why Ames lost to Gerber. Otherwise, it can still handle more abuse before being destroyed on the ground.

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4. FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel

FiveJoy Military Folding ShovelThis shovel reaches the first place because it contains all the features that outdoor enthusiasts are looking for. First, it provides high-quality building materials that make it suitable for the job. Again, it is made in a lightweight and foldable design which makes it easy to carry for outdoor adventures.

You will also appreciate the versatile design. which allows it to find applications in a variety of fields. The price is also relatively suitable for all types of budgets. With the included carrying case, you can move anywhere with this kit.

  • The kit is practically indestructible.
  • Made of durable carbon steel.
  • Versatile design makes it ideal for various applications.
  • Expensive gad attention to detail.

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5. IUNIO Folding Shovel

IUNIO Folding ShovelIt’s a folding spoon that one can use in nail extraction, like a bottle opener, a saw, or a pickaxe. It also has a compass in its design. The compass helps in making it appropriate for camping.

Also, the non-slip handle gives you a perfect and stable grip. You may lock to get the desired length. The height adjustment will truly work for your benefit.

The weight of only 21 ounces does not disappoint. The sheath is also included.

The carbon steel blade is wearing resistance. This makes the foldable shovel very durable. The rubber grip gives you enough grip. With all the necessary functions, you don’t have to quickly search for alternative or additional tools with this foldable shovel.

  • Multifunctional.
  • Including accessories.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Heavy blade.
  • The packaging could be better.

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6. SOG Folding Shovel

SOG Folding ShovelThe development of a portable shovel or anchor has been constantly evolving since 1870 when the U.S. military began distributing drilling tools. The dungeon is often used not only as a drilling platform but also as a melee weapon. Russian Spetsnaz and elite U.S. military forces are still trained to use their portable shovels at CQC.

The F108 has a serrated surface that can be used as a brush cleaning tool since most camps need it more than fighting in trenches. SOG weighs just 24 ounces and is lighter than many portable shovels that you can buy at Navy Navy stores. It is a blessing when you must pull a 30 to 40-pound pack in the wild.

Thanks to the practical triple fold, a compact package can fit in your carrying case and can be locked at 90 as a stage or berth to help dig the toilet or to pull the dirt to cover the stove.

  • Although it is not as powerful as a military fortification tool or it can be used for heavy use, it is ideal for a regular camp to clean up a small campsite and perform the routine tasks required to operate a camp.
  • Great little gadget when I camp on weekends and don’t prepare for an invasion.
  • Small enough to last a day, you have a balance between economy, weight, and size.
  • It is made of light aluminum instead of stainless steel or iron and is not as strong as the dungeon. However, it works well for small tasks.

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7. Glock Entrenching Tool with Saw and Pouch

Glock Entrenching ToolThe Glock entrenching tool is a lightweight shovel weighing just 2 pounds. The Glock shovel weighs half the weight of a conventional E-tool. The shovel measure 7.5 x 4 x 14 inches which makes it a perfect option for your car kit and also your emergency packs. The shovel is designed with no rivets or welding which increases its lifespan.

Additionally, the shovel is fitted with folding blades that can be locked in four positions. It has an adjustable handle made from a highly resistible polymer material. The shovel’s handle can be adjusted to a height that you are comfortable using. The polymer material prevents the shovel from ruggedness and makes it more reliable.

Unlike other e-tools that normally use pig iron for hardening, the Glock entrenching shovel uses carbon steel for hardening. This is high quality and high-performance shovel that is perfect for digging during the winter season, camping, and gardening.

  • The Glock shovel is lightweight compared to other conventional E-tools.
  • It is fitted with lockable blades that can be locked in four positions.
  • Assembling and disassembling of the shovel is easy and fast.
  • It is made from a high-quality polymer material which increases durability.
  • The handle is not strong enough and tends to bend when digging on the ground.

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8. Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel

Gerber Gorge Folding ShovelThe Gerber Gorge folding shovel is normally packed in a beautiful nylon bag. The shovel is designed with a button mechanism that makes it easy to use. The Gerber Gorge shovel is a perfect choice for digging on hard ground. It is also perfect for hammering tent stakes since it is designed with hammer features at the base. Packaging of the shovel is easy because it is small compared to other conventional E-tools. It is ideal for camping, emergency pack, hiking, and the car kit.

Also, the shovel can dig on hard and rocky grounds. This is a high-performance shovel with the ability to be locked up to 90 degrees. Compared to other shovels that rust easily, this shovel is resistant to rust thus it is the ideal choice to use on the beach.

  • It has a nylon bag that can be used to pack other essential tools.
  • It is best for digging on hard, rocky, and wet grounds.
  • This shovel is highly durable.
  • The Gerber Gorge shovel can be locked up to 90 degrees.
  • The shovel is small hence can be used in your car kits and emergency packs.
  • The shovel is heavy for its size.
  • The shovel is weak and breaks easily.

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9. TABOR TOOLS J35A Folding Shovel

TABOR TOOLS J35A Folding ShovelThis is a multifunctional shovel that is ideal for outdoor activities such as gardening, hiking, and camping. This shovel can either be used straight or locked up to 90 degrees. It is packaged in a pouch that is designed with a loop making it easy for the shovel to be attached to the backpack or the belt. The shovel has sharp sharpened edges that are ideal for digging through mud, compost, sand, and snow, and cutting through roots. The shovel is lightweight and can be folded into two pieces that easily fit in an 8×6 inches bag. The pouch is made with high-quality military material that enhances its durability.

Overall, the shovel is 19 inches which provides leverage that is ideal for tough grounds. This shovel is small and lightweight weighing just 1.3 pounds thus it is easily portable. Additionally, the shovel has a beautiful and durable meat finish.

  • It has a pouch that is made from military material making it durable.
  • It is ideal for hiking, gardening, camping, and picking waste around the compound.
  • And it has sharp edges that cut through roots and compost easily.
  • It is lightweight and easily portable.
  • The shovel and be folded into two pieces and easily fit in a glove bag.
  • The shovel is weak and easily breaks.
  • The pictures of the shovels are misleading; in real life, the shovel is smaller compared to the description in the picture.

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10. ANTARCTICA Military Folding Shovel

ANTARCTICA Military Folding ShovelThis is a high-performance shovel designed with a detachable magnesium rod. The shovel is packaged with a whistle, knife, saw, magnesium rod, fire starter, and bottle opener. It has a hardened shovel that can be used to break glasses in case of an emergency. It has a high-quality sweat and slips-proof handle. The handle enhances comfort and minimizes hand fatigue.

It is built with high-quality aluminum alloy and carbon steel material that makes it lightweight and increases its durability. This high-performance shovel is ideal for gardening, camping, and other outdoor activities.

  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • It is made from aluminum and carbon steel which makes it durable.
  • And it is packaged with a knife, whistle, and a saw.
  • It has a hardened shovel that can be used to break glass in case of an emergency.
  • Engineered with a handle that is slip and sweatproof.
  • The shovel is not always packaged with the whistle, knife, and saw.
  • It is weak and breaks easily.

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11. Tyger Shovel TG-SV8U3217 Military Folding Shovel

Tyger Shovel TG-SV8U3217 Military Folding ShovelThis is a high-quality shovel that is engineered with an automatic switch mechanism. The package contains a bag that allows you to carry the shovel easily. It is ideal for your car kit as it can help to dig your car out when it’s stuck. The shovel can be used for fishing, camping, and disaster recovery.

Also, the shovel can be used by motorists, military personnel, cadets, survivalists, and scouts. It is designed with a hard shovel that can be used to break glasses in case of an emergency. The shovel is lightweight thus it can easily be carried and be used in several outdoor activities.

  • It is engineered with an automatic switch mechanism that makes it easy to use.
  • It has a hard shovel that can be used to break glass in case of an emergency.
  • This shovel can be used for your car kit and emergency pack.
  • It is ideal for fishing, camping, and digging your stuck car out.
  • The shovel is weak and tends to break easily.
  • The metals used to make the shovel are light hence bolts easily fall out.
  • And The shovel is heavy to carry with a backpack.

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